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Ley Moon Lakes
where the wolves play and people should keep away...
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23rd-Jun-2006 10:35 am - Run wild
Sophia - wolf
She'd sprinted away from the log, running freely through the undergrowth, having no idea where she was going. Branches pulled at her coat but that added to the thrill, her muscles stretching out as her skin came alive. Leaping over another small fallen tree trunk she landed in the leaf litter on the other side, skittering a little to keep her balance. Her pulse was racing, breath rapid as she looked around. Her eyes darted from one thing to another, the images familiar, but the vision so different. Blinking for a moment she lowered her head and sniffed. The sound of Luke approaching, following, made her look around in his direction, tongue lolling out as she panted softly.
1st-Apr-2006 10:12 pm(no subject)
Sophia, Monochrome
The lights of the city had flashed past, Sophia trying to distract herself with them but the new smells invading her sense, heightened as they were, meant she had difficulty remaining calm. Instead she felt edgy, fingers fidgetting and twisting as they sped through the dark. She felt warm, her skin prickling at times. Her fingers scratched at it in places, leaving red welts when Matt noticed, his own hand reaching out from the wheel and taking hers, holding on to them. She'd look up at him, about to pull them away angrily but stopping when she saw the concern in his eyes. Now she didn't even need to see what he could see. She could feel it.

All the dreams she'd had, all the nights she'd woken in a tangled mess, sheets wrapped around limbs, body on the floor in a painful twisted heap were starting to come to her while she was awake. Flashes of the forest that surrounded Wolf Lake, mist, shadows, the voices in her ears were becoming more real.

Her fingers tightened on Matt's at one point when she realised she'd been trying to pull away again but he'd retained his firm hold on her. Instead, to try and distract herself from the sudden urge to throw the door of the car open and get out she pressed her feet into the floor and her back into the seat. She felt the overwhelming urge to move, to run, to be moving without the car, without help, just... run. A whimper sounded as she fought it, her eyes squeezing shut as her head pressed back into the headrest of the car.

"Luke." His face swam into her mind, eyes piercing her, the flecks of gold in them readily visible as he looked directly into hers. "Help me, Luke," she muttered, head rolling from side to side as the car continued through the night.
2nd-Mar-2006 11:29 am - ooc to be delted tomorrow
wolfbits will be the new no_i_in_wolf journal--after all is copied and saved, no_i_in_wolf will be deleted.
7th-Feb-2006 10:29 pm - Gathering
Ix - Adventure
It's still at least an hour or so before the party's supposed to start. Good thing too, since Ix is still making her way over with the main course. Wolfen form just doesn't cut it for hunting deer - not hunting solo, anyways, and as excited as the pack is, someone'd probably end up taking a bite out of the buck she got and by the time they got back to the clearing, there'd just be the leftover bits that no one ever wanted to eat anyways. And bear form, as strong as it might be, isn't all that fast. Especially when trying to keep a deer carcass on one's back.

The food is set out on a group of folding tables. The drinks are in coolers, and the bonfire won't be lit until everyone's arrived, although the cookfire manages to ignite as Ix lumbers into view.

It did rain the day before, but it was fairly light and Ix 'cheated' a bit. The ground is dry (near the center of the clearing, anyways; further out, it gets a bit soggy) and there isn't much that still needs to be set up.
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